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 Virtual Tours FAQs

This exciting technique is invaluable in the promotion of your business on the Internet:



What is a Virtual Tour?

A panorama is made from up to 12 photographs digitally 'stitched' together to create an all-round view of up to 360o. A Virtual tour contains one or more 360o images which may be combined with other pictures and text. Together they will capture the ambience of the subject in a way that is just not possible with conventional single-dimensional photography.

The visitor may proceed through the tour by clicking on menus or 'hot spots' defined in the image (e.g. doorways).A unique feature is the optional 'Floor Plan' applet, which greatly enhances a viewers ability to walk through a 'mappable' environment and understand 'direction' in the currently displayed panoramic view.

Virtual Tours are far more than a technical “gee whiz” novelty – use them to gain a competitive edge!.



Will it work on any computer?

Yes - The application has been tested on both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh computers with a browser capable of supporting Java 1.1 applets.



Does the VT application need any special viewing software to be installed?

No - A small Java applet is downloaded in a few seconds while the first image is being downloaded. It will be downloaded only once per session as it will usually remain in the browser cache memory to be used when viewing additional panoramas. The applet is not required to be installed permanently on the viewer's hard drive.



How long does it take to download an image - can I see a sample?

A full 360o panorama is approximately 65k and, including the java applet, will take around 16 secs to load on a dial-up 56k modem connection. Subsequent views in the same session will use the Java applet stored in your browser cache and require approximately 11 seconds to download. Check out some sample panoramas:

Click picture to view an example of a series of interior views with menu and 'hot spot' navigation options 

( Please be patient as it takes  +- 16 secs  to download on a 56k modem.)

A Cottage in Johannesburg, South Africa

The sample below was taken in mid-winter on a walking trail from a Country Inn in Mpumalanga, South Africa and demonstrates this effect on an exterior view:

A Walk near Schoeman's Kloof, Mpumulanga

and another taken from the surf off sample below near Leisure Bay in South Africa:

Kidds Beach panorama



What is the image quality like?

This will depend on the final resolution of the edited images but typically they are incredibly fast, flicker-free, sharp and smooth. Of course, the original high resolution images may be used in other marketing projects such as flyers, brochures etc. Take a look at some of the demonstration images:



How do I add a tour to my website?

We will provide you with a URL to link to from within your own website. When the visitor has finished viewing they will either use the tour menu to continue or simply close the window to return to your site. Optionally, we can customise these web pages to match the design of your existing website.. 



What are the benefits?

The main advantage is that your potential client will be more ‘qualified’ to make a buying decision because:

  • Less time needs to be spent viewing properties for suitability. This is particularly important for the real estate industry and will contribute to the lowering of marketing expenses - fewer 'blind' visits to view properties.
  • A 'living' 3D view of your establishment is available for inspection 24 / 7 - with little effort for all concerned at the cost of a local phone call.
  • A Virtual Tour of a Hotel, Inn, Guest House or B & B is a big plus for today's tourist who wants to know what to expect.

Your Client's keywords are - 'Value for Money!'



What does it cost?

The minimum price for a Virtual Tour in the Johannesburg area is R 1250.00. This includes all our travel expenses, photography, standard web page creation, web hosting and software licenses for up to 20 panoramas  Additional panoramas are R 275.00  each. 

N.B. There are no other recurring charges and our policy for Virtual Tours is that you only pay when you are completely satisfied with each panoramic view. 

Subject to available resources, we will also undertake projects outside of the Johannesburg area - just ask us to quote.




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