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How to design low cost, professional  web sites


Because we are an SME, we understand the needs and limited budgets of an SME and we specialise in professional and attractive web site design to meet these objectives. We  offer the following products / services to our clients:

Microsoft FrontPage 

We have standardised on the use of MS Office 2000 products including Word, Excel, Access Database and FrontPage when designing web sites for our clients. In fact, most PCs today are delivered with some, or all, of the MS Office components pre-installed. A major advantage of using MS Office is that all it's components have been designed to work together with minimum effort required from the user.

In addition, MS FrontPage now includes sufficient function to build excellent web sites at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. It is also possible to import most of the files created by other well known office systems directly into the web site application.

In summary, the selection of MS Office products is a major factor in our ability to build and maintain low cost, professional web sites for our clients.


Quite apart from the standard themes offered by MS FrontPage™, we have a library of additional templates to simplify and speed-up development time. This can be achieved by using them in the design of buttons, dividers, headers, menus and banner advertisements etc

We are then able to customise the colours, wording. fonts and size of these components to suit the style of the web site which leads to reduced web site development time and lower cost for our clients.

There are many templates available on the market - type "FrontPage Template" into any search engine to browse the many offerings available. Please let us know if there is any particular template that you prefer and we will incorporate it into the design of your web site.


Depending on your requirements, there are a number of e-commerce solutions available that could be incorporated into your web site. If there is a need for a shopping basket type application we have already identified a suitable system. Financial transactions could be handled securely by existing services such as PayPal or WorldPay, both of whom offer very attractive rates for processing. The shopping basket interfaces seamlessly with both of the above and many other services.

Scanning and OCR

Pennyroyal Systems offer a complete scanning service where documents, graphics and images may be scanned directly for inclusion in the web site. In addition to conventional scanning we are also able to undertake Optical Character Recognition (OCR) applications. This is the simple and fast way to convert printed paper documents into editable electronic documents  - thereby saving time and increasing productivity.

Digital Photography - including Panoramas

We are pleased to be able to offer a digital photography service which enables our clients to have up to date photographs published on their web site. Apart from normal shots we are also able to utilise macro close-up and extra-wide angle lenses. 

We are now also able to offer the ability to display up to 360o panoramic views for use in special situations. Typical applications could include accommodation in a hotel or guest house, a property for sale, tourist destinations etc. This technique can be used in conjunction with normal still photographs to show an exciting new dimension that will give your web site visitors an enhanced view of the attractions on offer. 

Click picture to view an example of a series of interior views with menu and 'hot spot' navigation options 

( Please be patient as it takes  +- 16 secs  to download on a 56k modem.)

The sample below was taken in mid-winter on a walking trail from a Country Inn in Mpumalanga, South Africa and demonstrates this effect on an exterior view:

A Walk near Schoeman's Kloof, Mpumulanga

and another taken from the surf off sample below near Leisure Bay in South Africa:

Kidds Beach panorama

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

For the client who requires specifically tailored graphics we have the industry standard CorelDraw Graphics Suite V9™ available:

CorelDRAW™ is a comprehensive vector-based drawing program that makes it easy to create professional artwork from simple logos to intricate technical illustrations. 

Corel PHOTO-PAINT™ is a bitmap-based image-editing program that makes it easy to retouch existing photos or create original graphics. This program is particularly useful when preparing images for publication on the web site. Photo-Paint has sufficient function to enable us to provide professional quality image editing at a lower cost than competing packages.


Apart from Corel Photo-Paint™, we have acquired a very effective animation package that: 

"is so easy to use, one can produce complex animations with text, images, graphics and sound in no time. It has over 150 built-in effects like Explode, Vortex, 3D Spin, Snake and many more." 

These animations can be incorporated into any web page, used to create a promotional CD, sent via email, embedded in a Microsoft PowerPoint™ presentation or included in a Microsoft Word™ document."

Another example of Pennyroyal Systems using low cost technology. to implement advanced features on custom designed web sites.

Content Management System

This provides the ability for non-technical personnel to maintain and update dynamic portions of a web site. 

Whether you need to add new content, remove pages, upload images, or change the formatting, the software lets you do it quickly and without unnecessary mistakes.

  • Save time and money by keeping articles and headlines fresh and up-to-date - without hundreds of HTML changes and FTP uploads.
  • Perfect for any web site where you constantly update articles, news, headlines, and editorials.
  • Easily customize HTML templates to match the look and feel of your web site.
  • Use Subcategories to organize your content and navigation.
  • Supports multiple users with different access levels and permissions.
  • Format content with no HTML skills using the WYSIWYG editor (requires IE 5.5+ on Windows).

The user administration system allows you to authorize many writers to help you update your web site. Give them permission to change the site directly, or have them reviewed by an editor first.

Listings Management System

A web content management solution for publishing your listings or inventory to your web site. Real Estate and Automobile listings are a snap with the default templates - or use the built-in database tools to easily customize it for nearly any industry.

It is so easy to use that just about anyone can add listings, upload images and create their own "agent" homepage in just a few minutes using only their browser - and without learning programming or HTML. Users simply log in and create listings by entering information into a few fields. (E.g. description, price, square feet, etc). The listing is instantly updated to the web site. With the powerful search engine, customers can find listings that match their needs and contact the agent about the item (property, vehicle, product) of their choice.

PDF File creation

We have acquired specialist software that allows us to create professional quality documents in the popular Adobe™ PDF file format in a fast and affordable way. These could then be available for download from your web site.

Low Cost Extended Function

Pennyroyal Systems is constantly researching the availability of low cost software applications that will enhance its customer's web site. Examples of this can be found with the Site Search facility, the Currency Conversion routine, User Password login procedure and the Bulletin Board System which can be incorporated into our web site designs. The BBS includes an extremely powerful messaging forum, calendars, polls, and photo albums. These products can all be tailored by Pennyroyal Systems and be included in the overall web site design. 


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